Here are THREE things most REALTORS say.

  • SEO should be a priority
  • We need to invest in a good WEBSITE
  • I’m excited to have MORE clients!

And here’s what actually happens.

  • I’m NOT sure we need this
  • That’s quite COSTLY and time-consuming
  • Why am I not getting ENOUGH clients?

See what I mean? The problem is there are a lot of Real Estate Agents who want to build a strong online presence, but only a few who’ll actually take the plunge!

Here’s the BAD NEWS.

If you’re one of those realtors who’s still doesn’t have a RESPONSIVE WEBSITE, then you might just be crushed by Mobilegeddon. Google just announced that on April 21, it will be launching its biggest update yet, bigger than Panda and Penguin. This will “significantly impact” all mobile searches WORLDWIDE!

What the heck is a Responsive Website?

If you don’t know what a responsive website is, RELAX, not very many people do. It’s basically a Web Design that would adjust to fit any type of device. One site for every screen. (Sounds like The Lord of The Ring’s “One Ring To Rule Them All” concept)

No more pinching!

You get to keep your customers!

Higher Google Rankings!

Way back in December 2009, Morgan Stanley released a “The Mobile Internet Report”. Figures show that Mobile will soon overtake PC usage in 2014. Mashable has already given hints that 2013 will be the Year of Responsive Web Design following the dramatic increase in sales of Mobile devices. Today, Google has confirmed this revolution.

How to get one?

At HoopJumper, we have been focusing on creating the BEST RESPONSIVE WEBSITES FOR REALTORS and want to make sure you are excelling in the important SoLoMo arena (Social/Local/Mobile) where your online presence now must be focused on.

If we can help you move into the present, contact us for a no-obligation consultation session where we will review your current Internet presence, assess your needs, and make a recommendation for a course of action that will take you boldly into the future.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Brett Miller, HoopJumper

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