We’re moving on up…

HoopJumper has completed a massive migration to new “digs” and they are nice.

Our new servers feature:

  • New State-of-the-art “Solid State” Hard Drives
  • Doubling our RAM power
  • New Faster Core Processors

We believe we now have the safest, securest, and fastest WordPress-only servers anywhere on earth.

Why WordPress-only?

WordPress is now the #1 dominant website platform for Real Estate agents. It allows the owner of the website to be able to login to their website 24/7 to add any number of pages or blog postings. Unlimited!

WordPress has a great feature called “Plugins” that are like what “Apps” are to a mobile device, that allow for massive functionality to be added to your website.

The streaming of all of that IDX data from the MLS’s servers through the internet and into the website is no small task, and it takes a lot of computing power and a clear path through the many backbones of the Internet. We are talking thousands and thousands of listings with new ones being added all the time and non-active listings being removed. A lot of lesser hosting companies can’t handle this high level of data constantly going in and out of a website… but ours can.

The #1 reason that homebuyers come to a real estate agent website again and again is to have access to the entire multiple listing service in a easy, clean, attractive, and yes, even fun environment. And these valuable prospects want to be able to access it on their mobile devices and tablets as well. If you are not able to offer this in a quick and easy way, then they will go elsewhere.

confident young man and datacenter 3d background

Why else is a WordPress-only server important?

Most lesser webserver companies allow e-commerce on their sites which invites hackers looking for credit card information, or have email services which if used by a spammer on your same server can get your entire server’s IP address blocked and blacklisted by other servers around the world. How unfair is that for another person’s site on the same server as yours can get your site penalized? We don’t do that. We ONLY have real estate agent websites on our servers, no e-commerce, no email servers, no adult content, no illegal software sites… none of that.

We’re always on the job:

Our 24/7 team of dedicated server professionals working constantly managing our sites and our servers to ensure they are performing optimally at all times.

We offer faster total page-load time:

1.5x faster delivering compressible content:

We automatically compress anything textual like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If your website and blog are hosted with HoopJumper, your page would be 56.2k smaller and therefore 588 ms faster because we’d compress 5 separate data paths which most hosting services leave uncompressed.

We are Scalable under heavy traffic loads:

When you get some good PR, everyone floods your site and you go down… at the worst possible time. Does your web host take responsibility for making sure your website scales with traffic? We do. Another website using our exact same server configuration recently saw 2000 hits/sec sustained over 15 minutes when they got interviewed on the TV show 20/20. Instead of going down, they sailed through without a hiccup.

Security is our responsibility:

When you get hacked at other web hosts, it’s up to you to fix it. And they don’t do anything to protect you from hackers in the first place. It’s understandable — when hosting is $50/mo or less, they can’t afford to be good. But we can. We have advanced intrusion-detection systems and firewalls updated daily by our partner, a top-tier security firm.

And last but not least… our Exclusive Roll-back Security Feature:

Should you ever have an issue with your site where you wish to return to the previous day’s version of your site, our exclusive “Roll-back” feature allows you to revert to a previous day, from one to thirty days in just minutes. No more losing your mind because an administrator (or even you) have just deleted something you can’t get back or added something to your site that has caused it to look bad.

So the next time somebody tells you they’re paying next to nothing for their website hosting, ask yourself what exactly they are getting. I have to ask myself how a fast food restaurant can offer that same hamburger for $1 after 20 years. What exactly am I getting?

With HoopJumper you are getting the finest web server for your premium responsive real estate website, bar none, and your website is the absolute marketing cornerstone of your entire real estate business. It is your identity and it speaks volumes about who you are and how you do business. And because of the nature of your business, instead of having to pay thousands of dollars per month on a sticks-and-bricks storefront like a sandwich or yogurt shop would have to do with all of that overhead, your “virtual” storefront does everything for you for a very low price.

We love what we do, and we really value our clients. We take pride in our HoopJumper family and every day we think about how we can add just a little bit more value to our client’s business and life.