Angela May

Omaha, Nebraska

"I've experienced at least five website launches with Hoopjumper; each one better than the last! They are always on the cutting edge of new technology and give their clients 150% on every conceivable level. Although I know they have hundreds of customers, they always make me feel like I'm their #1 most important client regardless of how big or small my request might be. They are incredible, loyal, and care about every single person who works with them. I look forward to my continued relationship with Hoopjumper because while they focus on all the important behind-the-scenes technology, I get to focus on the part of my job that I love most - my clients!" ~ Angela May

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Tego & Tracy Venturi

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"We have an amazing amount of traffic on the site and are averaging 4 leads a day. We can hardly keep up, but we're not complaining!" ~ Tego & Tracy Venturi

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Steve Bradley

Manassas, Virginia

"I have worked with the people at HoopJumper for almost 10 years on different incarnations of my real estate website. Our brand, our service and our commitment to what we do is supremely important to us. Your team's effort continues to support that direction online. Thanks for" jumping through hoops" for me now and always." ~ Steve Bradley

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Betty Poore

Isle of Palms, SC

"Brett Miller and HoopJumper are # 1 in my book. Professional, caring and always going the extra mile. And forward thinking and always looking for the next, new best thing to offer their clients." ~ Betty Poore

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Maria and John Hoffman

Tampa, FL

"Super responsive and exceptional follow up! We are in the business of customer service ourselves, so I am very observant of how quickly someone responds to my requests, and I have to commend your team, and marvel at how quickly you would respond to even the smallest request. You've provided a very high level of service, and continue to help me with special requests, which is far beyond what customers might typically expect to receive, in any business. Now I understand your company name--Hoop Jumper! it fits! Now that we have launched, you continue to provide us with additional ways to improve and maximize the site, promote our listings, and make it easy for our clients to get the information they need. Thank you & we look forward to working with you to make 2016 the best year ever!" ~ Maria Hoffman

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Valerie Caro

Flagstaff, AZ

"Thank you, guys! The new website is amazing! Your expertise and guidance made the process of transitioning our website so smooth. We highly recommend you and your team every chance we get. HoopJumper has managed our web presence for over 10 years and through their cutting edge technology has kept my company growing through the years." ~ Valerie Caro

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Jen True

Mankato, Minnesota

"My HoopJumper website has paid for itself many times over already. My only regret is not signing up sooner!" ~ Jen True

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Viki Benbow

Sacramento, CA

"FYI I got a call from a man who was very low key this evening who is moving here from the Salt Lake area asking if I could meet with him on Friday and show him homes Friday and Saturday. He said his wife had a few homes she thought she'd like. I asked how they found me. He said his wife had been looking online and agents, and said "by far!" mine was the best website!!! I called another client who is a big shot at UC Davis Med Center who looked the guy up ... He is a huge big shot! Forgot to mention $600-$800 price range!!!" ~ Viki Benbow

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Blake Alguire

Excelsior, Minnesota

"When I envisioned having my personal real estate website built, I had so many ideas flowing through my mind. The hardest part, for me, was putting them all together in a format that was client driven, was bold in the marketplace, and well represented my personality. The HoopJumper Team understood how to do just that and delivered more than I could have imagined! And, everything happened so fast! I could not have picked a better team to engage with, thank you!" -Blake Alguire

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Dave Harbison

Long Beach, CA

"I have worked with Brett Miller for over 10 years and I have seen the value he and his thinking brought to my business from past experience. In the Real Estate world, over 95% of the web sites are thought of as a necessary evil...something that has to be done. Little thought or care is given to the impact it can have on a business. The HoopJumper team focus not only on strategically attracting and engaging, but conversion. That is what is going to grow my business." ~ Dave Harbison

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Steve Hansen and Tami DeLand

St. Cloud, Minnesota

"Our HoopJumper Website and systems make this possible. We are consistently in our broker's top ten, throughout the nation, for buyer controlled sides. And the beauty is, listings just happen." ~ Tami DeLand & Steve Hansen

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Jenna Davis

St James, MO

"Brett is awesome!" ~ Jenna Davis

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Fitzy O'Hare

Wasilla, Alaska

"The team at HoopJumper are some of the best web developers I've ever had the opportunity of working with. Their professionalism, attention to detail are top notch. I suggest them to everyone." ~ Shane O’Hare

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Scott Chappell and Wanda Andreas

Mission Viejo, California

"The way my blog posts automatically to my Social Networking sites is a dream! We picked up a $400,000 buyer last week and an $800,000 buyer this week, directly from my website. Thank you!" ~ Scott Chappell

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Bryan Vogt

Swansea, Illinois

"Since HoopJumper optimized me for search engines in my niche as a Military Relocation Specialist, I'm getting business from servicemen and women all over the world who say its the best, most user-friendly relocation site they've seen. My only wish was that I had done this sooner." ~ Bryan Vogt

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Scott Partridge


Hoopjumper's team handled my website with professionalism while waiting for me to answer their task. They created a beautiful, working website for my clients to use with ease.

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Francine Kitkowski

Marinette, Wisconsin

"I could not be more pleased. This was a great experience and I would highly recommend HoopJumper to anyone that is looking to "think out of the box" and make your business more productive." ~ Francine Kitkowski

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Joyce Delery and Anne Comarda

Metairie, Louisiana

"We have been using HoopJumper for years and they know our business so well and know us, too. They are an extension of our family and nailed our website update and refreshed logo! We can't rave enough about the work they do." ~ Marty Brantley

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The Kniffin Team

Edgewood, New Mexico

"I first noticed Hoopjumper when looking for a web design for my new real estate company. I knew this was the Team I needed on my side for this important step in my business." ~ Dan Kniffin

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Laura Hall-Santarelli

Lakeport, California

"Great team of professionals working with me to create a site that reflects by business and brand." ~ Laura Hall-Santarelli

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Bob Edmonson

Dallas, Texas

"Professional, state-of-the-art, and fast. Always looking at how to stay ahead of the curve. This is my fourth website with HoopJumper, and I wouldn't go with anyone else." ~ Bob Edmonson

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Susan MacEwen

Augusta, Georgia

"My HoopJumper website has been a great investment for me, especially in terms of creating a special internet presence that makes me shine above the crowd." ~ Susan MacEwen

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Janell Billiot

Picayune, MS

"Excellent service from start to finish! Brett is professional and is dedicated to helping his clients succeed. He always takes time to explain any questions you may have. His team is conscientious and dependable. I love my website and Hoopjumper is a great company offering me support to help me build my real estate business! I am so glad I did!" ~ Janell Billiot

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The Kirksey Team

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"This is the most functional website I have ever had." ~ Dan Kirksey

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Adrianne Hooker

Plano, TX

"My experience with HoopJumper was excellent. From my first inquiry conversation to the final presentation of the product, the HoopJumber team was fantastic. The communication amongst the team is awesome, and I always felt included on the build out of my site. I would highly recommend HoopJumper to any agent considering a new website." ~ Adrianne Hooker

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Heather Stewart

Wichita, KS

"HoopJumper's website is a step above others and offers a unique look & design. It will set you apart!" ~ Heather Stewart

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Terry Gaston

Pensacola, FL

"Every agent that has seen the site has loved it. Most of them have their own or company website. I will surely let you know if anyone here is interested in your services." ~ Terry Gaston

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Richard Ghysels

Palm Springs, CA

"You truly do 'Jump through Hoops' for your clients. I can't believe how quickly, and thoroughly you responded to my question!" ~ Richard Ghysels

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Troy Gibbs and Johana Story

Mechanicsville, VA

"Brett Miller and his team are true professionals! We were impressed by Brett and his knowledge of web technologies from our initial contact with him. The HoopJumper team kept in constant communication throughout the project and strived to keep us on track for a timely launch of our new website. We look forward to a long relationship with HoopJumper and the quality of service they provide." ~ Troy Gibbs

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Greg Rayford

Smyrna, GA

Hoopjumper has been a great website company.

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Darryl and LaDawn Singleton

Pensacola, Florida

“Since the launch of our HoopJumper website, I can equate checking our email to see if there is another lead to opening Christmas presents as a kid.” ~ Darryl Singleton

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Joe Haughey

Tucson, Arizona

"Great Job, very Professional Organization...Well worth the investment and leading edge technology to promote your Business in Today's Market. The creation of my personal Logo was outstanding. I would certaining recommend "HoopJumper" to any of my Collegues." ~ Joe Haughey

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Lisa Racca

Pierce County, Washington

"I can't explain in words how wonderful it was working with HoopJumper. Not only did they create a wonderful website, they also developed an entirely new military base business niche for me from scratch! I never would've thought of half the ideas that HoopJumper put into my new Internet presence, but now I think I have the best real estate website in my entire area. Thanks HoopJumper!" ~ Lisa Racca

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