“UNFAIR!” What can Real Estate Agents do to compete online?

"UNFAIR!" What can Real Estate Agents do to compete online?“It’s Unfair! The website I bought years ago used to bring me lots of leads and I never had to touch it. Why can’t it be like it used to be???”

If you have been around the real estate world 10 years ago or before, you probably had a website that someone created for you, perhaps you never touched it (added content, blogged or added video) and yet, in spite of your inattention to your site, it ranked really high on search engines, as if by… magic!

Alas, those days are long gone.

Mobilegeddon is a name given to Google’s algorithm update of April 21, 2015. The main effect of this update is to give priority to web sites that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices. With 65% of real estate consumers using their Mobile devices to look for homes, old websites that really performed for you and did an amazing job have finally outlived their usefulness and would no longer deliver the results it did in the days before Zillow and Trulia started dominating the Google landscape.

So what can Realtors do when billion dollar companies spend multi-million dollar budgets on search engine optimization and premium Google placement?

The answer IS NOT to say how unfair it is.

The answer IS to work with internet experts and do what you need to do to compete again in this more crowded environment where the old rules no longer apply.

Or NOT do them, and let your competitors do what’s truly needed in this modern era to thrive while you watch from the sidelines.

If you want to compete online, you need to focus more resources and time on making this work or you will for the rest of your real estate career, be behind the eight-ball.

HoopJumper can help you.

We have added expert SEO to our services.

We have Social Media management to help you with that.

And if you’d really like to know how to do all this and get some skills that will last you the rest of your life, I am now offering one-to-one personal Internet/Marketing Coaching. This may appeal to you since I can devote a specific day and time with your twice a month to train you on the skills you will need for the rest of your career.

Yes, it’s true… you may have invested a large sum of money to get your website up to a state where you can use it to make money, but there is still more for you to do to get to where you want to go.

You can either:

1. Pay someone to do what’s needed or

2. Learn to do them yourself.

Simply having a great website will not be the passive lead system it was 10 years ago, however, having a Great Real Estate Agent Website is still a MUST in today’s market.

Please contact us for more information on creating a new real estate agent website, Search Engine Optimization, or Social Media Management. Or schedule a no-obligation website consultation now to see if you’re a good candidate for Internet/Marketing Coaching.

Do you need an Internet Marketing Coach?

The second quarter of 2017 has just begun. Are you ready to take massive action to take advantage of this booming real estate market?

If you’re like me, the start of each new quarter is sort of like a mini-January 1st where you hit the reset button and start with a fresh set of goals. I learned this concept from having a “coach” whom I work with to help me achieve my business and personal goals. One of the best ways you can “move the needle” in your real estate career is to work with a coach.

real estate agent website internet marketing coach Brett Miller
Brett Miller, Co-Founder of HoopJumper and Internet Marketing Coach

Many of my clients don’t know that in addition to running HoopJumper that I have a select number a clients I work one-on-one with in a coaching relationship to help them understand how best to use the Internet  to create more success for themselves.

This is a opportunity to work with me, Brett Miller, personally at a regular day and time, and to have real measurable goals and a plan to reach them that we would go over at every session.

Imagine, instead of looking blankly at your website or your social media accounts, not “getting” how they all worked together, you now would know exactly what to do and are able to easily do these easy tasks yourself, or assign them to an administrator.

Here are some things I work with my current clients on:

  • How to Use Your Real Estate Agent Website to make the most of your investment
  • How to effectively use your IDX account to market yourself online
  • Simple Blogging Success Tips
  • Social Media Posting: What, when and how
  • YouTube and Video Marketing
  • Creating and Building your Contact List
  • Setting up an Email Marketing System that is automatic and runs for free (or darn cheap)
  • Expanding your brand’s reach beyond your website
  • Becoming “the” local expert
  • Writing a Book and becoming an Amazon Best Selling Author
  • How and When to use Direct Mail
  • and much much more.

I am looking for a few more people who would like to coach with me in the 2nd quarter.  Will you be one of them?

How much do you want to make a big change now and be ready for the Spring and Summer season?

Having the very best cookware doesn’t ensure your success as a chef, or having the very best clubs doesn’t ensure you will be a champion golfer. These tools won’t do you any any good if you don’t know how to effectively use them. And the same goes with having a top notch Internet presence. Having great real estate agent websites is only part of the formula for success. But having the best equipment won’t do you it effectively to help your business make more money.

If you are interested in this kind of support, the next step is to request a phone call where we can discuss your goals and see if you are a good candidate for this type of coaching.

To request a call with me, you can schedule yourself using my online calendar at or text me at 949-415-2112.

All the best,

“(My Company’s) free websites SUCK!”

Stop Burning Money!

Did you know the “FREE” website being offered by your company is actually COSTING you more than it’s SAVING you???

Stop Burning Money!

What could be wrong with having a free website from your broker?

Turns out, a lot.

We’ve been getting lots of calls here to HoopJumper because the latest greatest “free” website offered by their big box nationwide brokerage is NOT promoting their personal brand in an effective manner, and the sheer number of agents being added into their system has overloaded their resources so that the websites being churned out like a factory have been lackluster and filled with mistakes and bad links.

A direct quote from an Agent I heard just yesterday was “(My company’s) websites SUCK!”


You can’t just treat your Realtor Website as a to-do item you check off your list. It really DOES matter in this Internet age how you present yourself and to make sure it helps elevate you above the herd of agents who all look the same to the point of where it doesn’t matter .

Homebuyers searching the Internet have seen enough templated websites to know that such sites don’t offer the personal attention they’re looking for in your field, and their perception may be that these Agents don’t have an original spark in their body.

Also, for Sellers, they must think that if you can’t market yourself effectively or impressively, how are you going to market their most valuable asset?

Today’s go-getter Realtor needs a personalized and responsive real estate website that puts a human face on your business and doesn’t look like you used a cookie-cutter approach.

HoopJumper is not just another website company

Unlike most cheap generic website companies that just put your square headshot into a generic already made website, HoopJumper actually helps you make a real difference in your marketing strategy to help you make a quantum leap forward with proven strategies and technology.

Our newly updated Accelerator Website Success System with the Extreme Results program will not only give you the best website in the Industry, but the knowledge and training to know how to use it effectively, and the support team to back you up.

If you see yourself as ready to make this year YOUR year and to stop being a generic agent, I’d love to hear from you.

Let us know that you’d like a no-obligation Website Consultation where I will paint a picture for you of how your entire career could be transformed in the next year. It would be my pleasure.

Brett Miller
Founder, HoopJumper LLC


I have a question for you: Whose “Brand” are you building? Yours? Or your Broker’s?

Agent Revamp

To be truly memorable and stick out in people’s minds (and hearts) to become their top-of-mind Realtor, your personal real estate agent “brand” should be your own and authentic to you.

Brand Concept

While we realize that you chose your brokerage carefully and that they may be a great company, you are not required to plug-in and clone yourself like the rest of the Agents there who use the exact same branding. The fact is that YOU are your own independent entity and you have “hired” your brokerage to work for you.

You’ve hired them to manage you, to offer workspace (sometimes) and a conference room for meeting clients, to provide regular training, to be the legal entity on record with listing homes, possibly act as your transaction coordinator, and ideally for offering valuable guidance along the way.

Hopefully, you get your money’s worth for the percentage you pay for their service which can range from ten to fifty percent. Certainly, when you are a brand new agent, there is much to learn from plugging into a well-oiled system that many Brokerages offer.

Another “benefit” of working with a Broker is that they often have marketing materials already created with their company brand all over them. You simply need to pop your little headshot into the right place, enter your contact info and voila, marketing done!

The business cards, brochures, and even personal websites are usually heavily discounted (if not free) and require next to no thought or planning… Just plug and play. Easy and cheap.

This may be okay for the newbie agent, but if you are wanting to not be perceived as a cog in your broker’s marketing machine, and instead wish to raise your head up above the herd to get noticed, then you must step forward and invest in yourself to create your own unique brand.

When you do decide to step forward and plant your flag, you should make sure you don’t dilute your efforts by only using your brand in a couple of places and leaving your broker-supplied marketing in others.

For instance, don’t create a personal logo, color scheme and design for yourself for your business cards and house fliers, and then continue to use your company branded website and house signs. This inconsistency will short circuit any good you have done for yourself in getting your brand in the first place.

Your website especially needs to reflect you and your special qualities. In a recent report co-authored by the National Association of Realtors and Google, the report titled “The Digital House Hunt” (Google it) shows that fully 100% (yes, everyone) who buys a home is using the Internet now, up from the high 70’s at the turn of the 21st century.

So, for you to be offering the same generic look and feel and offerings on your company-supplied website as everyone else in your office and associated brokerages nationwide makes you look generic and “just another agent.”

Want help to building your brand? Start by having your Real Estate Agent Site ready today!

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Think Different.”

To find out more download our book Agent Revamp for only $0.99 from Amazon

Setting Yourself Up For Success With A Plan

Setting Yourself Up For Success With A Plan

If you are reading this blog, it is because you want more from your Real Estate Business. You want to Revamp your Real Estate Business! You want more than you have right now. You want more from your business, you want more in life. Let’s face it, you know you are capable of producing better results than you are currently producing, but you are just so busy with the day to day of real estate, that you are not even sure where to start.

Setting Yourself Up For Success With A Plan

This is where you start. Right here at the very beginning.

You start with making a decision.

A decision that you are tired of putting in lots of hours and not getting the results you want.

The decision that you are ready to refocus, regroup and revamp your Real Estate Business.

The decision that you are sick of playing small in life.

The decision that you are ready to go after everything you have dreamed of and desired.

The decision that NOW is that time for you.

Think back to a time in your life where you have accomplished something great. What did you do? How did you achieve that accomplishment? If you analyze your process, I will bet you followed this 3-step success formula:

1. You decided what you wanted exactly

2. You looked at where you were at the time, and then

3. You created a plan to bridge the gap.

That’s it! It sounds so easy. Now, let’s apply this same formula to your business.
What exactly do you want?

It sounds easy on the surface, but you want to create a goal that is going to worth it. You want it to give you the outcome you are looking for. However, you don’t want it to be so big that it is unrealistic.

You want to stretch yourself to live up to your full potential, but you need to believe you will get there as well. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. We have all heard that we should set goals, but how?

Well, whether you realize it or not, the next five years will be a blur…. and when you get there you will either be asking yourself where the time went and bemoaning that you just didn’t have the time to accomplish anything, or you can smile into the mirror with the realization that you took the time to plan out where you want to be and not only arrive there, but far surpass your wildest imagination.

It can be done!

The power of this process is incredible. It all starts with a far-out goal, followed by a detailed plan of action. Then simply add in the baby steps it will take along the way and you’re almost there.

Read more of this topic through this link.

To find out more download our book Agent Revamp for only $0.99 from Amazon

HoopJumper helps build real estate websites for agents. Contact us today!

Following Through To Achieve Your Goals

In the first chapter of Agent Revamp we talked about Goal Setting, creating a plan to Revamp your Real Estate Business and have your best year every as a Realtor. In the final chapter, we talk about Goal Achievement.

Following Through To Achieve Your Goals

Goal Setting and Goal Achievement are related, but not the same thing. I think Goal Setting is the number one thing you can to in order to have an extraordinary business. Goal Achievement however will not happen if you don’t handle these 3 important aspects of Goal Achievement.

I am going to tell you what they are, and they will sound so simple. I know they did to me the first time I heard them. You are almost there; follow through to the end of this chapter to fully understand what we mean.

In order to achieve anything you want you must manage your Inner Game, Your Outer Game and Your Action. I believe that 80% is Inner Game, 10% is Outer Game and 10% is action. That is a big claim. Maybe it is 60/20/20, either way; your Inner Game, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of Goal Achievement.

Let’s start with the other two first. What do we mean by Outer Game? Your Outer Game is your Skill Set. This could be your Sales Skills, your Script Writing Skills, or Negotiating Skills. They are the skills you need to master in order to become a great Real Estate Agent. What can you do, learn or master to improve your Outer Game? Build great real estate agent websites today with HoopJumper!

Read more of this topic through this link.

To find out more download our book Agent Revamp for only $0.99 from Amazon

The Extreme Results Program

Since having even the world’s best website doesn’t ensure that you will know how to use it, we have developed a program to help ensure your success.

Introducing Extreme Results

HJ Extreme Results
HoopJumper Extreme Results

Even before your website is launched, our coaching and training staff will be focusing on your goals including:



Setting You Up for Success with a Plan – Our coaching staff will lead you through setting goals and creating a roadmap for your next 12 months. We’ll help you outline everything from your marketing plan, your production plan, your budget, and EVEN you team growth.

accelerator_icon_branding-consultation-01Branding Consultation
– We will meet with you and draw out the essence of who you are so we can reflect that in your branding, your website and all of your marketing.



Domain Consultation – What domain names are you using? Will it help you reach your goals? Do you need to speak with an expert to help you find and select the best search engine optimized keyword-rich domain name for the long run? All the good ones are NOT taken.




How to add Content to Your Website the Easy Way –  We will show you how to add content the easy way so your website doesn’t go stale.




How to Update Your Social Media the Smart Way so that its done automatically and its not another chore for you to do.




The Money is in “The List” – We will help you help you build your list and teach you how to use it to increase your business.




What Lead Generation Practices are Best for You? We will help you analyze what’s out there and decide what makes the most sense for you.



Sales Scripting – We have partnered with the world’s leading Sales Scripting coach, Eric Lofholm, to help you never be at a loss to how to respond.


accelerator_icon_-become-a-master-of-follow-up-redbg-01Become a Master of Follow-up – Have you ever heard “The Fortune is in the Followup”? In the Accelerator package we set you up with one of the best follow up systems ever created. In this class, we will show you how to use it and explain how real estate agents just like you have been able to make millions of dollars in sales through mastering this technique.

accelerator_icon_-become-_the-local-expert-by-writing-a-book-redbg-01Become “The Local Expert by Writing a Book
– We’ve already coached many Realtors like you though writing their first small book. One client got $2 million in business from just dropping off 3 copies of his book. We did this ourselves and became Amazon #1 Best Sellers and we can teach you to do the same.


Time Management – How do you do it all? A master coach will explain the process and help you create a plan to work smarter, not harder, and get more done.




Coaching – What if you could work with someone who has been a top agent? Someone who has built and run a successful team? How much more successful could you be if they could walk you down the same path towards the same goals? This program will do just for you and more.


This is the Extreme Results program and what could happen to your business if you had a marketing company, not just a website company that throws a website online and leaves you to fend for yourself, but your very own marketing and technology partner that really worked with you month after month on helping you GROW your business?

How many extra deals in the next year could you do with a system like this and with the knowledge of how to use it effectively with technology partners in your corner helping you, teaching you, and cheering you every step of the way?

Could you do 5 more deals in the next 12 months?

Or an extra 10?

How about in the next 3-5 years?

What would that be worth to you?

What if there’s a proven system that could help you do that for LESS than the cost of ONE of those deals?

We are excited about what these programs will do for YOU and for your business in the coming year!

I would love to chat with you about what this program could do for you personally.  What time works for you?  Here is a link to my calendar. I know how busy you are and this helps with the endless game of telephone tag.  I look forward to talking to you.

HoopJumper helps build real estate websites for agents. Contact us today!



A Sneak Peek at the HoopJumper Accelerator and Extreme Results Program

HoopJumper Accelerator

Introducing The Accelerator Website Success System! This is our best product we have ever released in our twelve years of helping busy Realtors up their game online in a big way.

A Sneak Peek at the HoopJumper Accelerator and Extreme Results Program
HoopJumper Accelerator

The Extreme Results Program add on is going to be a huge time saver for that busy agent, like you, that knows they need to be doing more online across social media, with video and blogging, but just doesn’t have time to learn all that stuff!

We are excited about what these programs will do for YOU and for your business in the coming year!

If you want to schedule some time to chat briefly about how these new programs may be a fit for you, grab a time slot on our calendar. I know how busy you are and this helps the endless game of telephone tag.

We at HoopJumper believe we are at the dawn of one of the best times times to be a Realtor and we are excited to partner with you, to jump through hoops for you, and to watch you take your business to a whole new level!

Build great real estate agent websites today with HoopJumper!

How Do You Do It All?

Agent Revamp: Chapter 11

Time Management is a myth. We can’t manage time. All we can do is make better choices about what we do with our time. Time is the great equalizer. We all have exactly the same amount of hours in our day. So why do some real estate agents seem to get so much more done in a day? Let’s break this down a little bit.

Agent Revamp: Chapter 11

How is your Busyness Doing?

No, I did not mean “Business” but if you tell me how your “Busyness” is, I bet I can tell how your Business is doing. We too often spend far too many hours attending the busy-work of the business, which leaves us tired and short of our goals.

What is on your to-do list for today? Are these items that will get you closer to your goals, or are they just things that you HAVE to do. I can almost bet that if you are getting up every day and just plowing through a seemingly endless to-do list, that your Business may be “surviving,” but you are not “thriving.”


Read more of this topic through this link.

To find out more download our book Agent Revamp for only $0.99 from Amazon




Your Website Should Help You Make More Money

Great Real Estate Website

Your website should be set up in a way that it can help you make money instead of having the opposite effect of turning off prospects and driving them away.

Your Website Should Help You Make More Money

You need excellent Lead Capture systems to help build your “List.”

You need a Scalable website architecture that allows you to expand and grow your business fast and easy.

You need to make sure that the money you’re already spending on Zillow and other services is not being squandered.

Your website can help ensure that your image is high-end and not generic.

Your projected image needs to not encourage home sellers asking you to discount your commissions.

Your website should help you compete with the big box players in your market.
And a smart built in Search Engine Optimization can help you be found with better organic placement online.

Let’s touch on these quickly…

Your website should help you make more money by having excellent lead capture systems built into every page that makes it easy for prospects to enter their name and information using smart direct response hooks and ethical incentives, with their info going directly into your database or CRM.

Your contact list collected into an easy to use marketing database is the modern equivalent of the Rolodex, and it is your most important asset.

Once collected, you can follow up and market to people you’ve already invested in collecting into your system, and usually at zero extra cost.

You can even micro-target your list for specific neighborhoods, niches, and one-to-one touches. But not if you don’t have a reliable system in place for collecting them in the first place like a great real estate agent website can do for you.

A Scalable Website architecture will allow you to grow and expand your business.
We’ve helped solo-Agents start adding on team members, growing into a super-team, and in many instances, becoming their own independent brokerage.

Your website should be able to change your status easily to Broker and update your branding as needed quick and easy.

Adding pages and information as you grow should be as easy as composing an email; and your website company should be there to assist you as your Internet Technology partner to get this done for you if needed.

Just imagine… No Limitations to what you can offer from the centerpoint, the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts.. Your Great Real Estate Agent Website. Where adding new functions and capabilities are as easy as adding a new app to your smartphone.

This is how it SHOULD be done. And any agent willing to invest in their own future could have this system for less than the cost of a single commission.

Many agents are investing mightily in services like Zillow and other Lead companies. And then what do they do? They link them right over to their lackluster generic ineffective old-style website that hurts them more than it helps them.
Your website matters.

Remember… your First Impression needs to be your Best Impression… Or it could be your Last Impression.

Don’t lose money from alot opportunity, especially after already paying for that lead.

Always ensure the image you portray is High-End and not generic.

Don’t be an interchangeable Realtor at your Brokerage where it doesn’t matter if they pick you or the other Agent.

Just say to yourself…

No more boring square headshot in the upper left corner of the same-old Realtor template used by hundreds of other Agents; perhaps in your own office.

Pledge to yourself to present your Name is a classy logo design that makes you look like a winning brand and not some kind of dull standard type.

Go the extra mile and show the best imagery of your area and not stand for showing the same house pictures of nondescript neighborhoods that don’t make anyone feel special or that don’t make you look like an Agent who knows and loves the market area.

Here’s a pitfall you should really avoid getting yourself into…

Be sure to not get the impression going that you are a Discount Agent that doesn’t deserve your full commission.

Low quality marketing and a sub-standard website can give the very real impression that you are just another agent at your broker and that you are a commodity.

If nothing makes you special or stand-out, then sellers may just think that you should compete with your colleagues by offering a lower commission.

On the other hand, a high quality impression delivered expertly via your great real estate agent website will encourage come-list-me calls with no expectation of you cutting your commission.

One of the great truths of the modern era is that you have the same opportunity as anyone to compete with the big box brokers in your market, because the Internet is the great equalizer.

Think about it, having a big brick and mortar office is no longer important since almost 100% of ALL home buyers are beginning their real estate searches on the web.

And if you go look at those websites, most have a very generic look and feel, based on the corporate site. It starts to all look and feel the same.

What an incredible opportunity a motivated Agent has to create a more impressive experience on the Internet.
Another advantage of a great real estate agent website is that it should have built-in search engine optimization, programmed from the ground up, to help you compete.

Face it, the last few years with the Zillows, Tulias, and other big companies with multi-million dollar advertising budget who are grabbing up all the grat positions on the search engines, you need to enlist every tool at your disposal.

Many cheap generic realtor website companies don’t make it easy to add any content you want, or offer any level of customization so you can stand out from the herd.

Then again, if you look at the landscape of your local agents, most of them are not even trying to compete at this level.


With the right strategies, you can put yourself on the map and compete with the best of them.

So ask yourself…

Is your current website supplying all the tools it should to help you make more money?

Are your current investments in lead services like Zillow and Tiger Leads being squandered by taking leads back to an ineffective website?

Or are you wasting lots of money on marketing yourself only to lose business?

What if…

You were actually proud of your website and directed everyone to it?

You knew your online presence made you look like a million bucks?

Your website expertly collected leads and contacts for you that you could market to for years to come?

I would like to extend an offer to give you my professional opinion on if your current website helps you do all it can to help you be successful.

I will give you a full website assessment reviewing 5 very important criteria needed to have a truly great real estate agent website.

Or maybe you already know your website is not helping you reach these goals

IN that case, Schedule an appointment with me so I can show you how upgrading to a great real estate agent website could yield you huge returns on your investment

I’d like to invite you to set up a time for us to chat

You can Schedule a one-to-one call on my Calendar:

Want help to building your brand? Start by having your Real Estate Agent Site ready today!