About HoopJumper

The HoopJumper Story

hoopjumper-iconThe genesis of HoopJumper began in the early 2000’s. Co-founder Brett Miller was the Web Division Director at what was the premier marketing agency for real estate agents in the country. At a seminar event, a client pulled him aside concerned about the long wait times to reach customer service to get anything done. He then asked “I’m always being asked to jump through so many hoops. Why can’t somebody jump through hoops for me?”

After stirring that night, the next morning Brett awoke with a vision of an Internet marketing company for entrepreneurial real estate agents that would “jump through hoops” for their clients and set them up for success on the web, and the word “HoopJumper” was created right then.

Three months later, partnered with renowned real estate coach and author Cheri Alguire, “HoopJumper” was born with the mission statement of “We jump through hoops so you won’t have to.” A vision of service, innovation and coaching that goes far beyond just websites.

Now, more than a decade later, HoopJumper has indeed become the Internet technology partner for some of the biggest top producers in the nation.

In addition to creating state-of-the-art responsive websites that incorporate all indexable listings from their MLS, HoopJumper also has created innovative solutions for making Social Media campaigns smart, easy and effective, and coaching their agents on how to make quantum leaps forward in their business.,

Agent Revamp

agent-revamp-1-bestseller-amazoncomThey say that 80% of agents won’t make it. Most agents fail before they have made it to their two-year anniversary. Of those that do make it through those first two years, many are making so little that their income hardly raises them above the poverty line, let alone provides the financial freedom they are searching for.

Understand this: If you are a Real Estate Agent, you are a business owner. You may be a business of one, but you are running a business, not working in a sales career. Sales is definitely a part of it, and we even will go over one of the most important aspects of sales in this book, Sales Scripting, however, it is important as a business owner to figure out what you need to do to revamp your business to provide the success you are looking for. This book will walk you through revamping your business.

We will walk you through the practices that we have found will have the biggest impact on your business such as setting goals and creating a plan, going over the best online and offline marketing strategies, lead generation and lead conversion, helping you become the expert in your area by developing a platform, review what you should start doing, stop doing and what to delegate.

Most importantly, we will introduce the one thing that will ultimately determine your success or failure in this industry. The authors have time and again taken brand new agents to a level of success many veterans are envious of, as well as taken top producers to superstar status. No matter what your goals are, what your background is, or what area you live in, you too can have the success you desire, as long as you are will to go through the process and revamp your business.

Brett Miller

brett_millerBrett Miller is the Founder and President of HoopJumper LLC, a marketing, training and Internet technology company for real estate professionals. Brett has been creating Internet websites for businesses since the dawn of the industry in 1994.

Prior to his transition to Internet Technologies, Brett finished top of his class at his computer graphics technical college. Fresh out of college, Brett opened his first business and was featured as the Spotlight Business for his local Chamber of Commerce. This led to him being hired to help launch the computer graphics department of a major Southern California printing and publishing company who was transitioning into the digital age.

In 1994, Brett was an original beta tester for Adobe’s Page Mill, the first consumer software for creating websites. Mastering this skill, Brett was quickly hired by a local Internet Service Provider in Southern California to become their first Director of Website Development.

Soon after, Brett was recruited to create the Website division for the nation’s #1 niche advertising agency specializing in real estate agent branding and marketing, which he grew into the second most profitable non-seminar department in the company.

In 2005, Brett Miller co-founded HoopJumper with the mantra of “We jump through hoops so you won’t have to.” With a focus on personal service, creative flair, and treating each client uniquely, HoopJumper saw its business grow in an era when other companies had to fold up shop.

HoopJumper celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015. After a full decade of building the best real estate agent websites in the industry under Brett’s leadership, HoopJumper now integrates all aspects of internet and social media marketing, and showing busy real estate agents how to harness the world wide web to become their technology partner and help them make more money.

Cheri Alguire

cheri_alguireAs a Business Coach, Cheri Alguire has worked with thousands of Real Estate Professionals including agents, owners, brokers, managers, assistants, loan officers and title closers to help them become more successful in both their personal and professional lives.

As an experienced entrepreneur and small business owner with a background in real estate, Cheri knows how frustrating it can be to keep working harder and harder and still fall short of your desired results. This is one reason she entered the coaching profession after being a Realtor and leading and managing a successful Real Estate team.

Cheri is also the mother of three now grown children so she understands how to coach others through the principles of balance in building a successful business while raising a family.